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In 1958, a businessman, William Ayers started a mail ordertool business name “Tool Craft.” Ayers also purchased a small printing press to produce various business promotions and manuals.  However, after being approached by several customes interested specificallly in his printing services, he phased out the tool business completely and became “TC Specialities Co.” keeping the inititals T and C from his original “Tool Craft” name. After 10 years of commercial printing services, Ayers began to focus on producing coupon payment books.  The books were marketed nationwide to a wide variety of clients and were particularly well received by those businesses that charged a fixed monthly fee.  The demand was overwhelming and in just a short period of time, TC became one of the single largest producers of coupon books in the country. For the next 15 years the company grew and prospered on production of the coupon books. In 1983, TC was sold to current owner Gil Clark.  Since then, Mr. Clark has developed the company into a diversified business that offers a full range of services such as Commercial Printing, Directy Mail, Online Fulfillment, and continued production of their original Coupon Books. Located at 17 South Main Street in Coudersport, PA. TC Specialties Co. is eager to serve you and your business with more than 40 years of experience and continued commitment to excellence.  With the unique ability to handle clients both large and small, TC will work with you and your business to provide the results you need, in the time frame you need it, and at the price you can afford.
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